Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6

As a long-time Resident Evil fan, I am very excited for this year’s release from the franchise. This could possibly be the Resident Evil that fans have been waiting for, since many were disappointed by Resident Evil 5’s release in March of 2009. Whether it was the lack of horror, or the absence of the early generation T-Virus zombies, hopefully Capcom will redeem themselves with a great game that old and new fans will enjoy.

If you haven’t seen the release trailer, here it is:

According to Hiroyuki Kobayashi, this will be the largest scale production for Capcom. Will that mean it will be the greatest Resident Evil game ever? I hope so. Not much info has been released about this title, but we do know that it will be set in the fictional town of Lanshiang, China. A global-wide B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapons) attack has taken place. We have our two classic characters, Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield, joined by Ingrid Hunnigan from Resident Evil 4. Then we have our two new characters, Helena Harper and a mystery man. Helena claims to be the reason for the outbreak. Finally, we have Adam Benford, the President of the United States, who becomes a zombie in the trailer. The classic slow-moving zombies are back, which will please many fans, including myself.

There is one new creature that appeared in the trailer, called J’avo. Here are the details as told by Capcom

“The BSAA named these creatures after the Serbian word for “demon;” they’re even more dangerous than the typical zombie, and are capable of understanding speech and coordinating attacks. That said, they’re still mutated monstrosities, so they’re not exactly calm or collected when it comes to tactics. When injured, a J’avo can regenerate itself, but doing so leaves the body prone to further mutation. The arm above probably started off as a usual appendage, but Chris’ attacks have caused the J’avo to step up his game. From a gameplay perspective, this offensive, possibly unpredictable power will change the way you approach enemies.”

One gameplay element that has surfaced is the ability to move and shoot at the same time. Taking cover has been added as well.

Although many fans of Resident Evil were let down by Resident Evil 5, I feel that this upcoming game will satisfy what they’ve been waiting for. Sure, there’s not much information out there for us to see what the game will ultimately look like, but in the near future, there will be more announcements and gameplay videos for us to look forward to.

by: Klumzypinoy

Photo courtesy of: ubergizmo

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