Comic Con: Tickets sold 1 hour 20 minutes

Comic Con: Tickets sold 1 hour 20 minutes

Comic Con International is known to be the largest comic convention in the USA. Over the years, the convention has increased its popularity and larger influxes of people have gathered yearly to become a part of this phenomenon. It has come to the point that people have to buy their tickets at the convention (the year previous), or scramble for them online. This year the comic con tickets online sold out in 1 hour and 20 minutes. A record time for comic con, and making ensuring that this year the convention is jam-packed for 2012. Now for those that made it to this years’ comic con: congratulations, it took a lot of work to get those tickets, and whether you were able to get them online or at the convention at least you have the knowledge of knowing you will be there in July. For those that didn’t: I hope next year you can get the chance get them, or when con rolls around find a buddy to get the tickets for you (assuming you didn’t have to attend). It would be great if more people can go the convention and that the cap on people would be higher, but frankly the convention is already crowded as is, and anymore than that and it would be disastrous.

Please take the time in reading the “helpful hints” PDF file that they provided on the site; Otherwise,here are some helpful hints/tips to increase your chances of getting a ticket for next years comic con:

Make sure to sign up for a Member ID. A radical change that I have noticed from comic con, is the new use of their deadlines. This year you had to get a Member ID in order to purchase tickets/volunteer/sign up as press/or sign in for staff. The deadline to sign up for the Member ID was February 28th. This not only put a cap on people, but it enabled the people more eager for event to get tickets.

Visit this site as much as possible for any updates:

Opt in to Volunteer/Staff. Though I know people aren’t as inclined to go into comic con as “Free Labor”, it does help your chances of getting in the con. The system has been the same every year, volunteer for 3-4 hours and then the rest of the con day is free. Traditionally I always volunteer, which in return does reap great benefits. By volunteering you have the chance of locating all the vendors and events before the con even starts. If you volunteer for 3-4 days you will earn an exclusive comic con t-shirt. In the end, you get the biggest benefit in knowing, comic con was free thanks to volunteering.

Have a network of people in line. This helped my fellow peers because in line mere seconds made the difference from being #3,000 to being #43,000. With that network of trusted peers (keep in mind trusted, since you will be giving them your credit card info), if someone is ahead, have them get your ticket for you, or if you are ahead help them get their ticket. Conveniently, you can purchase other tickets if you have their Member ID and last name, and you can pay using different credit cards.

The instructional video:

Make sure you read the rules on registering. This is important since it will make the difference in taking 1-2 minutes to register as losing your chances by taking 10 minutes. I was able to get my tickets at 0830 (thirty minutes after launch time) and within a minute some of the passes (4-day) were gone. So it is important you read how to registration process works (watch the video below).

Take a look at the PDF file for helpful information:

If you are press or volunteer, STILL get your ticket. Now for volunteers they can get everyday for free, but of course this depends on if they have the ability to get an assignment at the convention. There are times when they were full for volunteering, and it meant that I lost my chance to volunteer that day. By getting a ticket at least I was ensured that I would have a day or two locked in. For press, the sign up date is April 2, a month after ticket sales finish. That said read the requirements and don’t rely on press to be your ticket in. Over the years, Ive heard of people losing their chance because of priority press or not fitting to allocated requirements.


For those interested, here are the press requirements:


The most important tip of them all…buy your tickets at comic con. Yes, as much of a hassle it is to save money on merchandise at the convention, it is probably best that you also save up for tickets at the convention. Yes, I know it will cut into your convention by having to take time to walk to the other location to get tickets. But it does help to know that you would be locked in for the next convention, and that worry of not having the ticket is gone. You can sleep easy on the day people have to scramble online.

Comic con every year will always be the highlight for many fans. As its popularity grows, the con will always be crowded and worse of all, it will be harder to get tickets. As long as you prepare for the convention and constantly check the website for information and updates then the chances of getting into the convention are higher.

Tune in for a future article about how to fully prepare for comic con! Until then good luck and see you at Comic con international 2012.

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5 years 7 months ago

That’s a good way to interpret it. It’s dumb, but I keep remnibermeg a line from an episode of The Mentalist this season. Patrick Jane (the titular mentalist) told someone that if he would stop evaluating things in terms of what he likes and doesn’t like, and simply sees things for what they inherently are, he would be much happier. Very insightful, and something I struggle with every day. (We all do, I suppose.) The lesson is that value is really meaningless. Nothing has value except that which you give it. Instead of going around appraising things, just live your life and be thankful.

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