San Diego Lolitas Picnic at Balboa Park!

San Diego Lolitas Picnic at Balboa Park!

On a bright and beautiful Saturday afternoon morning the Gigaventure staff (Sn4ck5, Anjuice, Kuro and Dr. Anime) visited the lovely ladies from the San Diego Lolitas group at Balboa Park in San Diego. The event consisted of 20 beautiful ladies dressed in Lolita fashion participating in a grand meetup with other Lolita fashion enthusiasts in California. For those unfamiliar with Lolita fashion, it is the subculture of fashion that revolves around more modest but intricate detail in garment clothing based on the Victorian era of clothing popularized from Japan. Though the true origin of Lolita fashion can be debated and traced to times possibly further back, we can all agree that this type of fashion is unique and takes a great amount of detail to reproduce.

Each of the ladies had many beautiful garments and had a different outfit that showed a different personality to each. As more ladies arrived I start to see the different types of clothing that is associated to Lolita fashion: from flowy skirts, knee high stockings, petticoats to corsets, all tailored to each individual woman’s style without having to resort to skimpy pieces of cloth famous in today’s fashion. Pride can be shown in how each of them took time into making the outfits and have them converse to each other about how it was made and their inspiration behind it.

           Throughout the day, the ladies participated in many events, from ice breaker activities (once upon a time: where they complete a story using each other to connect events) to the Easter egg hunt (since it was the day before Easter Sunday). They brought food to the picnic and had a great time enjoying the company of others.

But let me be frank here, no matter what I write here is nothing compared to the awesome photos and videos produced by the gentlemen from Without further ado here is the link to the photos:
As for further segments and videos please stay tuned!
Thanks again to the ladies at SD Lolitas and we hope to see what you have in store next time, and check out their facebook page!


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