Kickstarter Spotlight: Preview of 3v3: The Commissioned Comic Card Game

Kickstarter Spotlight: Preview of 3v3: The Commissioned Comic Card Game

Over the past year I have been able to look through A LOT of kickstarter pitches. Many of the best ones I have written for on this site and have gone on to have successfully become fully funded. For the sake of this site I believe I’ll just make a Kickstarter spotlight. After all, the best projects out there should be known for their awesome pitches and be given a chance to get them fully funded. Without further ado here is 3v3: the Commissioned Card Game.

Check out his content on his site!

As a card game I am very much impressed with the simplistic gameplay, the art, and of course, zombies, gnomes, ninjas, cats, and nerds! If you’re someone who has played card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon Trading Card Game, Resident Evil, Tanto Cuore etc., you’re in for something different.

3v3: The Commissioned Comic Card Game is based on Commissioned: a “wildly insane webcomic about the life of Obsidian Abnormal, rife with zombies, ninjas, perverts, nerds, dwarves, elves (and weretigers), evil erasers, very manly bunnies and Cthulhu Ninja Zombie.” Come on, who doesn’t love all these things smashed into one single comic?!

Each person plays with a three card hand, and each card has an attack, defense, and special ability. You get to choose which card does what, then you lay them down for the fight. Up to three points can be scored in a hand, and the first to gain 10 points wins the round. Here’s the twist: Every time your opponent scores, you have to remove a card from your deck, and vice versa. This makes for one face paced card game.

You are limited to 30 cards in your deck. With a 250 card starter pack, you’ll have tons of options to make the army of your choice. Now, here’s the rules for your deck: “If the card is a minion, you can have 30 of them in your deck. If the card is not a minion, there’s a limit of three copies per deck. There are no duplicate non-minion cards in the starters or expansions.” This way, nobody’s deck is over powered.

With a variety of characters, fast paced gameplay, and a webcomic to boot, Kuro and I are definitely excited for this card game. For more information on the game and backer rewards, visit the Kickstarter. If you’re itching for a new style of card game, or just want to try something out of the ordinary, or both, we definitely recommend you to order your copy of the game!

Check out for more web comics (many prominently featured in this article) by the creator of Commissioned comic. A lot of the unique art style derives from there and a list of appearances with dates is also posted. So you could possibly play the real game with the creator in person! Of course, visit to read the Commissioned comic itself.

Check out the Commissioned Comic!

Darren, the creator of the game, sent us some sneak peeks for our viewers. Are they awesome or what?! Our personal favorite is the Turd Demon Cat… cause they poop all day. Below is a couple of our personal favorite web comics from him, and the exclusive cards! Check them out and stay tuned for the free print out cards so that you can start playing it yourself.

Of course, here’s an awesome promo for the game!








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