Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton TGS FEVER!

Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton TGS FEVER!

Ho boy, doesn’t this bring back memories:
this an article I wrote way back in February about Phoenix Wright. And damn, that franchise has progressed since. The movie has been out for a while, the musical had a SEQUEL, Phoenix Wright made an appearance as a playable character in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom, and now more is being divulged about as Ace Attorney 5 is being developed.

Now inversely, Professor Layton has grown as well, since 2007 this DS title has had released five iterations! With now the 6th being the inherent last one. Though that was not old news, it’s very saddening to hear that this unique series is going to end. Like in Phoenix Wright, this had an original concept of solving puzzles. In the series, the objective is to solve puzzles with Professor Hershel Layton and assistant Luke Triton. Though the puzzles would be near impossible, solving them to continue the very anime-ish storyline always made you feel 100% smarter…..that is until you get to the next puzzle.

The Ace Attorney V, trailer looks rather promising. While making use of the 3DS technology, it still kept to the same roots as previous titles have. Though the Edgeworth and Apollo Justice iterations brought new things to the table; Ace Attorney was always the game fans have been waiting for. The trailer showed off new investigating mechanics, and a more rendered (sorta) 3D look to the courtroom and characters. After reading some insights, it turns out that it still is the PW we all know and love but moved it along further to make it justify the switch to the 3DS.

And now, the collaboration of the two, Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, the biggest match up in investigative story gaming in history. In the trailer it shows both sides of the game play; the puzzle solving side with Professor Layton, and even the courtroom interaction you get in Ace Attorney. The trailer makes the game look amazing and it uses the same sort of storytelling mechanics seen in Professor Layton. If you don’t know what that is, play the games, like now. Because the setup is like an anime, cut scenes and real production value is put on so it give a very surreal story feel. Along with that, the graphics have done a real overhaul, that makes this game look just freaking amazing. It gives me shivers to think of playing two of the best DS franchises into a single game.

In this game, the art adapts to the fully realized animations of Professor Layton

So much so that, I’m considering buying a 3DS near the end of this year! Though both these series have changed and slightly improved over the years, this is an prime example of a gaming title that the the fans would want more of. By implementing more original story and gaming mechanics; I would trust these two games to win me over.

That said, after looking at these two trailers, how does it compare with each other. And do you think that this would be a great way for either of these franchises to end, if they had to? And which are you most excited for? Leave in the comments below!


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