Lost Planet 3 Tokyo Game Show 2012

Lost Planet 3 Tokyo Game Show 2012

With Lost Planet 2 taking a heavy grinding campaign and simple co-op route, Capcom decided to make the next game in the franchise similar to Lost Planet: Extreme Condition. Lost Planet 3, which is expected to release in 2013, is taking place before the events of the first game. This means it will be back in the ice age like environment.

A few features include open exploration, ability to talk to NPCs, obtain side quests, upgrade equipment, and building custom bipedal rigs. Also, the Thermal energy that was tied to health in Lost Planet 2 will instead be used primarily as a form of currency. Of course, the enemies will still be the Akrid: the humungous monsters that fans have grown to love. So of course, we won’t be missing out on huge monster fights in this one. Also, the mechs are of a bigger size, and that gets me pretty excited.

Not much has been revealed in terms of multiplayer, but hopefully there will be some sort of online co-operative play. If Capcom decides not to give the main campaign a co-op mode, then we can just expect versus modes for the third installment. Personally, I wouldn’t mind excluding co-op in exchange for a more in depth game and story.

If you’re curious on what the game looks like now, take a look at the Scorpion Boss Battle showcased in Tokyo Game Show 2012!


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