Then and Now: Awesome Video Game performances/field shows!

Then and Now: Awesome Video Game performances/field shows!

I remember when I was in high school band, Cal state played a video game themed field show that I would never forget. At the time, it totally made me feel proud to be a band geek and made my inner gamer nerd out. Back then this was a time when field shows were starting to compose their own music and adjust to music that would be popular (like 90s rock, Michael Jackson, TV show theme songs, Cartoon Network, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.); so its not long until they made this awesome composition that would get any college student excited. In this one, they introduced Pokemon, Mario Bros, Mortal Kombat, and much more (No I wont say it all, watch it!!).

Now here we are 4-5 years later, Ohio State University improved the Cal State field show by adding more themes like Halo, Space Invaders, and very much improving the Nintendo sets. Its good to know that even if band had always played older compositions and archaic music that one would learn in music theory; there’s always that awesome band instructor that would let them go nuts and have fun. And if you have always loved video game orchestras and live set pieces, I’d suggest you check out Video Games Live, after all… orchestras and live concerts with your favorite nostalgic games is always rad.


Question: What theme would you like to see in a football game half-time show? or what other video games would make these shows much better? Leave your comments below!

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