Love is in Bloom at Equestria LA [HD Video]

Love is in Bloom at Equestria LA [HD Video]

Now call me sappy, but this moment really made me cry. It has to be the most memorable experience I have ever had as a brony and it made me extremely happy to experience this with the gigaventure team, and have a chance to share it with the world. This easily made my con experience, and I can’t wait to experience more of these events with the bronies ;D Okay…NOW TO THE BIG IMPORTANT STUFF


JR interviews the brave man and the lucky lady who got proposed to during the opening ceremony at EQLA 2012.  Meet the lucky couple Mean Spirit Moon and Flutternight as they talk about their experience! Congratulations you two!

Thanks to SuperBrony64 of Brony State for allowing me to use their footage.
Music Used:
Love is in Bloom (Full Bloom Mix) by Eurobeat Brony
Love is in bloom (Archie Club Mix) by Archie

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