HotDiggetyDemon AND Egoraptor…at a pony convention?

HotDiggetyDemon AND Egoraptor…at a pony convention?

At EQLA, we have seen many of the talented staff behind the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. But of course, like any Pony-centered convention, there are the brony celebrities that make up the community. From musicians, to content makers, they are the reason that this fandom is popular and sparks the creativity that fans can absorb from it. Now what about HotDiggetyDemon? Though many of his animations depict a rather crude and obscene parody of the ponies, his videos are a testament to the unusual interests that the fans have, and always had made fun of the fandoms inside jokes and tropes. His videos have received a ton of hits and made his animations very popular.

Check out!

Though I personally am more of a fan of the Mega64 animations and anything with Mickey in it; his videos have always had an amazing high quality to them, the animations are smooth, and the fact that he is an actual professional animator (not to bash on the amateur ones in the community; but he is the real deal). After watching his live streams and following him on his videos (only as far back as the Mega64 podcast), his inspirations are drawn from many cartoons from our childhood, particularly Ren and Stimpy (though it’s not limited to that, as he can emulate many characters). He is a very talented artist, and though his humor does come off as a bit rash (especially to the brony community), I still find him to be very hilarious in many ways (and if you’re a fan of Mega64, you can sort of see it)

NOW…What do you get when you have him AND Egoraptor (very well known for Sequelitis, GirlChan, The Tester [uggh] and the awesome series) in the same room at a random pony convention? Well simply….Complete chaos and hilarious anarchy!

Let’s keep in mind that HDD has already had a notorious reputation at cons. With his sarcastic and jerky attitude it doesn’t make him very favorable toward family-friendly pony cons. In fact prior to this con, he got his lip pierced onstage at Canterlot Gardens! And to have him and the popular animator Egoraptor cracking jokes and making fun of the fandom just makes the experience even more special.

Now here’s the deal. On every panel I have attended I have had ample notes on the guests and my favorite quotes. Too often here, I was just laughing and was awestruck of the both of them talking so I’d highly suggest that you check it out for yourself! (psst…look down) I will say that he does show a clip of (coming very soon) and he gives away lots of random stuff to fans!

Enjoy…OH and uh…parental advisory. And don’t forget to check out our Convention Compilation and Cosplay Video for EQLA that HDD had a small cameo in!

HDD and Egoraptor @ EQLA 2012 panel!


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