Why is Walmart on my Resident Evil 6 cover?

Why is Walmart on my Resident Evil 6 cover?

So imagine this, a really highly anticipated game is coming out this week and simply: you want it.

But… you don’t want to wait hours in line to wait for the game to be released. Or perhaps you were unlucky and that limited, gold, superstar, edition with extra DLC and stickers ran out in pre orders.

So what do you do? Of course, Walmart/Target/K-Mart possibly have the game, though they don’t have the awesome gamer-centric content you would like (such as preloaded dlc, or special characters [*cough cough* Batman *cough cough*)…its kind of nice to wake up whenever you would want and flaunt your way into the store knowing you got the game for sure.

Now big pet peeve about these stores: That stupid sticker that is practically pasted onto the cover merging with the plastic and leaving that ugly residue. We all have seen it, whenever we buy a BluRay or DVD it would have that generic price tag, and security anti-theft sticker that would forever stain our covers. And like any other cover, it would make the plastic look warped and very unclean.

But these are more like small issues. After all, it is still the full game and considering that the side label is still the same, it’s still there. And plus, even though Walmart usually has the ugly end of the game exclusives…at least they are still exclusives. As much as I would like the ultimate treasure chest that Gamestop would have (for an insurmountable price tag), maybe being simple with a colored manual or temporary tattoos would suit one’s taste more.

All those aside…here are the facts:

Good News: You Have the Game

That’s right everyone, Walmart has done the most blatant thing ever and seriously put their silly logo on the game. But as said earlier, it’s not a sticker, it’s an actual printed logo that they had to make for distribution for all the Walmart changes.

So some context, Resident Evil 6 was released early last month for the major consoles. Despite, rabid one-sided reviews for it, the game sold pretty well for the US and continued on one of the most beloved “survival horror” franchises. Now the big controversy is, Walmart had their logo looking like this (picture below) and it was something that really bothered gamers and game collectors everywhere.

As you can tell this can open a can of worms, as this can mean a multitude of things.

  • Resale value is going to be diminished so much (of course, Gamestop would surely laugh at you)
  • You have a literally branded game from a distributor, which is ugly product placement
  • It completely destroys the art aesthetic and mood of such covers. I mean, Resident evil doesn’t exactly strike as intimidated when that dumb flower logo is next to it.
  • and of course, it’s Walmart.

To be blunt, there is nothing much more to say here. Perhaps, the misunderstood older audience mentality doesn’t bother normal people that go there. But to us gamers, especially ones that value their games growing up, the cartridge/disc itself was the heart, but what we remember the most is what it came in. In the past, there weren’t many game journalists, so reading reviews wasn’t prevalent. We had to read the back description (if it had one) and judge the cover by how good it would be. And even today, Gamestop makes it a point to sell the games with exclusives to make the game seem much more amazing than usual. Though the future of gaming is going digital like other forms of media and entertainment, I know many more of us are interested in collecting the physical copy for collectors value.

In the end, I just hope that the market doesn’t see this act as a positive ideal. If other retailers did follow this trend, perhaps going to digital isn’t so bad after all.

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