Celebrate Mega Man’s 25th Anniversary with Street Fighter X Mega Man for FREE!!

Celebrate Mega Man’s 25th Anniversary with Street Fighter X Mega Man for FREE!!

Ahh Mega Man, I can remember many days of my childhood trying to beat the first few levels with my friends at such an innocent time of our lives. With integral quips like, “WHY IS THIS GAME SO GODDAMN HARD?!?!” and “FU*K, HOW DOES ANYONE BEAT THIS?!?”….Well –at least that’s how I remembered it.
So that said, Happy Birthday Mega Man! Despite my tirades and endless days of difficulty-raging, you truly taught us the real meaning of gaming, and that with just a little persistence–you will deserve the ending.
If you haven’t heard of Megaman, then you were left out of one of the most iconic games in platforming history. Sure, of course Super Mario, Metroid, and Castlevania are the essential staples to platforming games; but Mega Man solidified itself with its easy control schemes, unique power ups, and extremely difficult (but rewarding) game play.
Want to hear a hilarious and legendary review of the game by Egoraptor…well then…here ya go!

Okay back on the subject, so over the years Mega Man had man sequels. We all remember the platforming game that even to this day is still played and released in its 8-bit fashion. I remembered in 2010 when Mega Man 10 was released and I was asking myself, “Why is there an 8-bit game being released in…well…2010?” but after playing the first level, it made me realize that the game play is super nostalgic, but has newer enough iterations that keep me going on–no matter how much I complained.
In my teen years, I remembered getting into the anime (when 4kids didn’t suck too bad) Mega Man: Battle Network. Which was a sort of japanified (though its already japanified) version of Mega Man, with the school life revolving around a protagonist who has Mega Man on his digital device…thing. The Gameboy iteration (based off the show) introduced a pseudo 3v3 lane fighting mechanic, which was actually really fun. It had a unique style and it showed Mega Man in a unique way. If you liked the anime (heck if you remember it) I would highly recommend to check it out!

See.. very…anime-ish

Now Mega Man’s license is under Capcom, the same company that is responsible for Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Phoenix Wright, and many other legendary titles. With something like Capcom overseeing them it obviously solidified Mega Man’s glory. Which leads me to my Final Point…

Street Fighter® X Mega Man®

OH MY FREAKING GOD. Yes folks you have heard it, weeks ago they had announced Mega Man X Street Fighter. Two of Capcom’s very popular franchises duking it out in the traditional 8-Bit Style. And no, it’s not necessarily the fighting game like you would perceive from Street Fighter or Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom– this is actually Mega Man with Street Fighter bosses! So as of today December 17, 2012 We want to say happy birthday to Mega Man! and go enjoy this FREE game! Check it out and tell us how you feel about this awesome game!
[GAME  THE GAME HERE] http://www.capcom-unity.com/mega_man

In case you wondering if your computer could handle it– here are the specs!

OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz and up
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c/Shader3.0 and up supported
(operation on-board is not guaranteed)
Video: NVIDIA GeForce 6600 and up,
VRAM: 256MB and up
Sound: DirectSound, DirectX9.0c Compatible Audio

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