So what happened when we went to Vegas? A Gangnam Parody of course!

So what happened when we went to Vegas? A Gangnam Parody of course!

In Las Vegas during the summer, the staff at Gigaventure went on a legendary trip to the city of sin: Las Vegas. We of course, got our coverage for Animegacon and we had a lot of fun doing it. There were moments of bonding with the team, having a few drinks with guests, and doing Vegas the Gigaventure way! But–After all this time and anticipation, I am proud to present to the Gangnam Parody we helped film with the help of our very own Richie Edquid!


Here is a list of all the people featured in it, that made this possible!

PSY – GANGNAM STYLE (JINREI REMIX) [Extended Ver.] produced by DJ Jinrei
Stream and download the FULL SONG (I edited it down to the Hush – It Will Be Ok version), with the lyrics here:

DJ Jinrei Facebook Page:

Video by Gigaventure

Directed and Edited by Richie Edquid (also Psy / Asian Tony Stark)

Location: AniMegaCon 2012 / The Las Vegas Hotel

Fan Girl / Bunny Maid: Tanisha Ferrell

Stella Artois Umbrella Holder: Robert KampfyChair Grubbington / Pokemon Men

Pikachu Shake Weight Dancer: Matt Pikadude / Pokemon Men

Lolita: Christine Millena

Orange Zentai: Volpi Marcus

Shower Man: Richard Alfonso

Lady Walking 1: Denise Kuan
Lady Walking 2:: Aura Solaris

Lady Iron Man: Sara Soto

Cosplay in America as himself

Brian Calilung as Cosplay in America

Vampy Bit Me as herself

Psycho Bando as themselves

Danielle McRae as herself

Cyril Lumboy as dolldelight

Hotel suite ,flying fuck, and 17 $2 bills provided by Masoud Karkehabadi

Jacuzzi provided by either Ryan or Sean Shamrock (I forget which one)

Shout out to Circus Circus Adventure Dome for not kicking us out of the carousel.

To the girl who left her purse in my friends room and let me borrow the Hello Kitty glasses, you should of used your real name on Facebook. We couldn’t find you and I think you never got your purse back.

Coffee table provided by Susan Hishmeh Lanier

if there was anyone we missed let us know!!




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