Gigabyte Podcast EP17 We need a hero of cosplay!!!!

Gigabyte Podcast EP17 We need a hero of cosplay!!!!

Hey Giga-Landers we are back with another awesome Gigabyte Podcast episode!!!! This time around Dustin, Jr, Richard, Sunshine, Joesph and the Intern (Bryan) talk about the new show on the SyFy channel called Heroes of Cosplay.  We give our own thoughts on the show so far and also talk about some of the stuff we have problems with in the show. We also talk about the usual nerd stuff.

Also stay tuned till the end of the podcast where we will tell you how to enter in our very first giveaway!!!!!!


The Bytes:

Sick JR from AX2009 lol

Sick JR

Heroes of Cosplay

Yaya Han

Monika Lee

Riki LeCotey


Jesse Lagers

Holly Conrad

Jessica Merizan

Becky Young

Chloe Dykstra

Yaya Han and Jessica Nigri are friends ^_^

BGZ Studios sues SyFy  for copy right infringement on Heros of Cosplay

The end of TOKUSATSU?!

FreddieW explains how to make explosions (this video is for demonstration purposes only!….enjoy)


Star Wars Classic VS Re-Mastered

HAHA JR was woring!





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