Super Dungeon Explore Explodes on Kickstarter!

Super Dungeon Explore Explodes on Kickstarter!

Last year, we were introduced to Soda Pop miniature by way of one of their first kickstarters for the miniature game “Relic Knights” and our own personal experience playing Super Dungeon Explore at Kingdom-Con, our local tabletop convention.

With people floating in and out and playing for the first time, we had a BLAST and wondered what was next for the budding game company before getting lost in our own sea of gaming and the typhoon that is convention season.

Ultimately, we have merely had the chance to observe the success that Soda Pop and other similar games are having with crowd-funding, and as your tabletop maven, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize on being remiss with all the goings on there.

Back on topic: the game we once enjoyed and is still super-awesome is becoming more so!

With just a day past launch and the kickstarter already fully-funded, this game is going places.

One of the things that I as the usual GM for our tabletop game wanted very much was a fully cooperative mode, so I could play as a hero too! Now included, plus a multitude of other goodies in the stretch goals, I’m excited to see what comes of this game, and how much our hobby has grown in this short time!

If you too would like to back this kickstarter, check it out at:

and keep an eye on us for more awesome info about Kingdom-Con 2014 and other awesome games from Soda Pop as well as other great companies!

Until next time, may your rolls always make for interesting outcomes 😉


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