Kingdom-Con mini-article: Playing in a fate-ful RPG

Kingdom-Con mini-article: Playing in a fate-ful RPG

This weekend we were fortunate enough to cover one of my personal favorite conventions: Kingdom-Con!

In this 2014 iteration, I finally got to try a newer RPG, Fate Core.

The system is a new take on the old FUDGE (Free-form Universal Do-it-yourself Game Engine) – system and remains very do-it-yourself.

Like all games, rules are interpreted at the GMs discretion,  but the core mechanics of it are very narrative, and very fun!

Much like my favorite system, Savage Worlds, players are given tokens to represent some ability they have to change their own rolls, and affect the world in various ways called Fate Points. Like “bennies” in Savage Worlds, these give the player the chance to re-roll bad rolls, add a bonus to the results, and in some cases, affect the story directly.

Though I had never played the system before, it was fairly easy to pick-up, though my personal impressions were colored by the assumption that I had narrative control — although this may be an element that you can choose to add later, or something that the podcasts I listened to just got plain wrong.

Playing as pulp heroes was a genius idea, and I may borrow that for my own game!!

All in all, the atmosphere of the game and the con made it an extremely enjoyable experience!!


Thank you!!



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