Kingdom Con 2014: Impressions from a tabletop lady

Kingdom Con 2014: Impressions from a tabletop lady

It’ll be two weeks out from Kingdom-Con 2014 in a few days, and I’m still basking in the glow!

As a big big fan of all things tabletop, this convention has quickly become my favorite that I’ve had the privilege to cover. Being that this was my 2nd year attending, I had an idea about what to expect, and I was not disappointed!

This convention has one of the friendliest, and most laid-back environments ever, and that is one of its strengths. Whether you choose to dive right in, as I did last year, or hang back as you bask in the atmosphere, you can find it all here.

I arrived a few hours before my crew, and got to take a walk around the con and view all the miniature terrain that was laid out for each game. In the main hallway, all the Warhammer 40k and Warmachine effects were gorgeous, with a painting contest displaying the entries proudly alongside it.

Two new rooms were available to visit/play in, and both had a chunk of people doing their own thing, the one downstairs was a casual gaming room and the upstairs was more historical and alternative wargaming.

The hallway once again had Malifaux and various other demonstrations, and the vendor hall was brimming with even more vendors than last year!

This year, I dropped a good chunk of my paycheck at various vendors, in preparation for playing more Malifaux and various other miniature games, and hung out with some of the fellows from the Comic Issues podcast, until the crew finished up their work. I enjoyed playing the DC Comics deck-building game, though it definitely seems like it could be turned into a more complex affair like Netrunner or Magic the Gathering.

Here you can see the overview that we made:

This year, like last year, the atmosphere made us feel right at home, from the new tradition of Fancy Friday, to the welcoming and friendly staff and con-goers alike. The scheduling was a bit looser, and I welcome you all to submit your own RPG and various other events for next year. I for one would love to see more CASUAL wargaming, as the majority of the time in the main hall was tied up with various tournaments, however seeing all those people playing and getting to observe was quite the sight to see and still immensely enjoyable.

Finally, we managed to corral Ross for a few minutes to talk about the convention and what he’s up to these days!

The day finished with playing in a Fate Core RPG, which I thoroughly enjoyed, you can read that article here.

Finally, on day 2 we played in our Savage Worlds Weird War 2 RPG finale, You can listen to it >>right here<< and I’ll have my own “True Confessions” article up about that this week as well!

Hopefully you can join us next year at Kingdom-Con 2015!

Until next time, may the dice always land in your favor!


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