Anime Expo 2014: Overview


Anime Expo 2014

By: Staff WriterJ.R Tafoya

For Realz Pokemon

How cool is this!? They we’re taking they’re Pokemon out for a walk! Now if only we had a Dragonite. . .

  As some of you may know by now, after going to a convention or event, I’m forced more than happy to write about my experiences and why I think you should or shouldn’t go.

  This past week, we had the pleasure of attending “Anime Expo 2014″, not as Press, but as normal people. Many of you may also know that Anime Expo is probably the biggest anime convention in America. This makes it all the more fun (and likely) to see amazing cosplayers which, honestly, is my favorite part.

  Anime Expo 2014 had to have been one of the funnest I’ve had the pleasure of attending. While the number of attendees and cosplayers grows, so does the amount of things to do in the con. It’s hard to fit it all into one weekend and, when its over, its hard to believe it was only four days long.

   But rather than bore you with the ins and outs of the con, I’ll just tell you about the things I loved most, and the things I think could use just a little work.

  PROS: Since last year, AX has integrated a large area for cosplayers and photographers alike that consists of several sceneries for photoshoots. These backdrops consist of things like a forest area, a classroom, or my favorite, a bedroom (giggity). This gave us ample opportunities as amateur photographers to get fantastic shots of various situations.

J.R and Akatsuki feat. Shiroe

* I . . . uh . . . I don’t think it worked . . . (From left to right: Shiroe, Akatsuki, and Myself)

   Another positive was the sheer amount of cosplayers, or cosplaying in general. I love cosplayers. Whether its good or bad, genderbent, old or young, man or woman, I love seeing my favorite characters coming to life (and then proposing to them*). I encourage everyone to cosplay, whether you think you can or not, and have a great time in the midst of the chaos that is AX.

  Furthermore, the panels seem to get better every year at this particular con. Whether it be Mega64 with their amazingly hilarious ridiculosity, Fakku with their outrageous Q&A’s, or the Guest of Honor panels like Kyle Hebert who are just damn good people! I’ve seen nothing but a rise in quality in the panels since my friend Dustin and I started attending about 6 years ago. If you ever get the chance and think, “Wow, that panel seems interesting.”, definitely check it out. While I can’t vouch for every panel, the majority of the panels I have personally attended have been nothing short of amazing.

  On a personal note, I loved the Sentai Filmworks booth. And NO! Not just because Jessica Nigri was there. They had several other cosplayers to take pictures with during the entirety of the convention. My personal favorite where the Shiroe and Akatsuki (Log Horizon) who were both friendly and wonderful cosplayers. If you ever read this, I LOVE YOU!

  Now on to the not-so-good side. I have very few complaints about the convention in general, and even now its still basically nitpicking.

Teddy ftw

The Atlus booth was home to games, swag, and a mascot! You honestly have no idea how badly I wanted to hug Teddy.

  CONS: Lines. So many, so long (that’s what she said). In fact, there are so many lines in this particular convention that some of my friends call it “Waiting-in-Line Con”. This year was no exception ESPECIALLY the line to get your badge that had to have been a good 3 miles long . . . minimum. There were several people working at the registration booth, but it just didn’t ever seem like the line was moving but once every 20-30mins. How do they fix this? I don’t know. But it is a problem that causes a lot of hostility before the convention even begins. The horror stories of waiting 5+ hours and still not getting your badge gives me nightmares.

  Second, and probably most common, are the elites. I’m not sure if it’s a pack mentality or not, but almost every time I come into contact with an Elite, no matter the event/convention, it’s very hostile and almost superior. I’m sorry if you’re an Elite and are reading this and this does not describe you, I am merely pointing out an observation. But I don’t take it well when I’m being treated like a 5-year old because my left foot is “not close enough to the tape line!”. I understand their job is long and arduous, but treating people like children won’t make your job any easier.

But honestly, that’s it. I have very few qualms with AX and I loved just about every aspect of my experience this year. I encourage everyone near and far to try and come at least once to Anime Expo. Whether it be for the Guests of Honor, the cosplayers, or merely the spectacle, I can guarantee you’ll find plenty to do at this mammoth of a convention.

  Thank you for another fantastic and fun-filled year, Anime Expo.


For a little look at what we got see this year, check out our awesome cosplay video!


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