2015 Tabletop Convention Primer for Giga-Fans!

2015 Tabletop Convention Primer for Giga-Fans!

Hello to all my fellow tabletop fans! Sunshine here, while I will also be reviewing the year in our Tabletop stuff – with the help of some friends ūüėČ

I wanted to give you some idea of what local conventions to look forward to in the new year. Some of them will be new to you, and others will be extremely familiar! I’ve


Located in Los Angeles at the¬†Hilton Los Angeles Airport,¬†this convention has been running for quite a few years, and though I have never personally had the pleasure of attending – I know via one of my favorite RPG Podcasts that this is a fantastic opportunity for you to stay local and support the¬†gaming community. If you are a fan of Happy Jacks RPG Podcast – then you will also appreciate that this is their “home” convention, and participants in their community will likely be overjoyed to play alongside them.

Dates: Feb 13 РFeb 16 2015

Visit happyjacks.org and strategicon.net for more information!


This wonderful little con happens every March in San Diego. Located at the Town and Country Hotel, this con is a mish-mash of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and other elements along with some gaming on the side. This Con always emphasizes SteamPunk elements and their Special Guest is a great example of it.

From ConDor.org:

Special Guest – Justin Hoke

Justin Andrew Hoke, author of ‘Pacemaker’ and Editor-In-Chief of DreadfullyPunk.com, aims to share his image of Steampunk with use of the written word. When not writing, Justin coordinates and plans events with Grand Pacific Steam and its associates to encourage the Steampunk community of San Diego, California to socialize and interact.

From Friday March 13th to Sunday March 15th, 2015 – This is one that is high on my list of Conventions to visit! Hopefully we can cover it and see what we can see!!

For more information visit: Condorcon.org


While specifics on the gaming aspects of this convention have yet to be posted, just invoking the name WonderCon conjures up an image of comics, cosplay, and a miniature version of Comic con! This year’s WonderCon will be no different than any other, with the exception that I may be able to go this year!

From WonderCon:

WonderCon Anaheim offers an incredible variety of panel discussions, comics publisher presentations, movie and TV series events, and much more. On Friday and Saturday, the program schedule extends into the evening hours and includes special nighttime programs. On Friday night, catch the exclusive world premiere of the new WB Animation and DC Universe animated movie Son of Batman – See more at: http://www.comic-con.org/wca/programming-schedule#sthash.Y3Bh5oDz.dpuf

So that one will be a hoot,  with a ballroom full of gaming as well!

April 3-5 2015


We have been lucky enough to cover this convention several years in a row and have a blast every time we go!!! This convention is a true gaming convention and it feels like a complete community event. Gamers from all walks of life come together to shop, play rpgs, have miniature war games, and even play some drinking games (after-hours and all above board, of course!).

Its hard to explain Kingdom-Con in one little article like this, so I will instead show you this video from last year to give you a taste:

Come out at the end of April and have a blast with us!!!

Gaslight Gathering

The premier steampunk gathering in San Diego, it¬†will be held September 18-20, 2015 at the Town & Country Resort Hotel — it primarily focuses on Steampunk (my 2nd love!) although like WonderCon it too has a gaming section. In fact, the last time I went there, I spent nearly my entire con experience in the gaming room! Keep track of the information as it surfaces at¬†http://gaslightgathering.org/

Thats all the cons I have in store for now!

Keep an eye on Gigaventure for more information, Con coverage, and podcasts!!!

Until next time, may the dice be always in your favor!!



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