48 Hours left to Kickstart Rippers!!

48 Hours left to Kickstart Rippers!!

Pinnacle have done it again! Continuing to show support for what happens to be one of my favorite role-playing game systems, Pinnacle have launched yet another Savage Worlds themed kickstarter.

This time they are going back to basics, and to one of the first settings for the system. Rippers is a Steampunk-style Victorian Era game wherein you play monster hunters, using whatever you can to fight those things that go bump in the night. You have steam-powered inventions, the budding science of electricity, your wits, and you can even “rip” powers from the creatures themselves! (Hence the name!)

I sincerely hope this is just the beginning of re-starting old games, and maybe Weird War 2 will get its own Kickstarter soon – that will only happen if you back what you like, and these guys know what they are doing!

So, check out the latest Kickstarter Bundle below, or just throw in enough to get your own PDF copy of the system!!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/545820095/savage-worlds-rippers-resurrected-rpg

Savage Worlds Rippers Kickstarter



PS I know it has been forever, see our journal for more info on the gaming hiatus and plans for more Actual Play podcasts!

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