Anime: Spring 2017 – New Anime (Pt. 2)

Anime: Spring 2017 – New Anime (Pt. 2)

Spring Anime 2017

Spring Brings New Things

. . . And Sometimes I Wish It Wouldn’t

By: Head WriterJ.R Tafoya


    Hello again, Giga-Friends! I hope you’re doing well in this beautiful season of Spring. Spring Anime, that is! I may be a day or two (or three) late, but you can’t rush brilliance! Also, that, and I may or may not have been slacking and playing a certain new Persona game. Maybe. That is beside the point! If you’re one to wait for a few weeks for anime to come out so you can pick out the gems from the coal, look no further!

  Today I bring you another look at some anime that may have been buried beneath the epic return of some amazing anime. While giants like Boku no Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, and Shingeki no Bahamut are all getting second seasons this time around, it’s easy to overlook some of the new gems that spring has brought in. While I tend to always look for things that might be a littler overlooked to try and find some anime I like, both are now one in the same this season!

  Although I gave the first few a long look and more in-depth insights, this next few are going to harken back my original writing style. And before you ask: No. Not “bad”. That’s mean. I’m just going to do an extremely opinionated preview on some anime I gave a shot. However, it’s clear to see that only one of these struck a cord with me. But, it’s much more fun to write this way and cause the salt to flow! These reviews will only be a couple paragraphs long with a quick insight into what it is, and how I feel about them.

  As the wind beneath your wings and blood that runs through your very veins, I bring you the slightest of previews so you may, or may not, decide what you want to watch this season!


Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism

(Armed Girl’s Machiavellianism)



Outlook: When Your “Guns” Actually Become Guns! –

The men at the academy are "corrected" . . . in a certain way. As you can see here.

The men at the academy are “corrected” . . . in a certain way. As you can see here.

  Incorrectly unlabeled without the Fantasy tag, this anime revolves around our martial arts wunderkind (got that one from Persona 5!) Nomura Fudou and his admission to a new school, Private Aichi Symbiosis Academy. Until recently, this school had been a girls-only academy and it had never seen a male or the terrible, horrible, awful, things they do. Because, you know, we do. Fearful of the extra chromosome, the girls rallied to let themselves open carry weapons at school for protection. This, however, quickly led to the school becoming a “correction facility” for boys with a violent past. Thus the “Five Supreme Swords” were instated as the council at school who oversee “correction” of every delinquent male at school, whether they deserve it or not. Though, this “correction” comes in the form of making the delinquent males dress and act like females.

 Obviously, our hero doesn’t take this sitting down and instantly challenges all the authorities of that school . . . and no, I genuinely haven’t seen any teachers yet. The Five Supreme Swords then take it upon themselves to “correct” Nomura and set him straight with all the other “girly-men” in the school. Unfortunately for them, Nomura values his freedom above everything else and he challenges on of the youngest girls to a fight. Quickly revealing that he’s no pushover, Nomura takes the victory with a move that was dubbed “Magic Bullet”. A literal 5-inch Punch done at point blank range, it has all the impact of being hit by a car, with apparently none of the internal damage that comes with it. Did I mention that fight ended in an accidental kiss? Because it totally did! *welcome to anime*

Nomura's "bullet" is similar to a 5-inch Punch at point blank, with the ability to cripple its opponents.

Nomura’s “bullet” is similar to a 5-inch Punch at point blank, with the ability to cripple its opponents.

 The show is honestly pretty fun to watch and keeps some decent comedy coming during the more dry parts of the show. Nomura himself is pretty funny and fairly likeable as he takes everything in stride and moves to the beat of his own drum. The downside of the anime itself is the budget. A lot of the animation is phoned in through quick camera movements or stills which really detracts from the point of watching a show about martial arts. Also, I don’t accept a martial arts style that says, “if I hold my breath, I hit harder”. . . that just goes against everything I’ve been taught!

 If you want a fun martial arts/shounen/battle high school show to kick off the season, Busou Shoujo will probably warrant at least 2-3 episodes from you. It’s nothing too serious, and the occasional fanservice will keep some of you interested. But, I never thought I’d see a man flex his guns and turn it into an actual gun. Color me surprised.







Outlook: The Epitome of Self-Insert FanFiction –

  A lot of people seem to be enjoying this show a lot this season, despite my less than positive opinions about the show.

What's confusing how she destroys a building, presumably killing some people, and still thinks she's the good guy. MADOKA YOU ARE NOT!

What’s confusing how she destroys a building, presumably killing some people, and still thinks she’s the good guy. MADOKA YOU ARE NOT!

 It follows another Main Character McEveryMan whose name I can’t be bothered to look up because he had maybe 10 lines in all of four episodes and . . .  I digress. The main character is fiddling with a broken tablet one day, and finds that he’s transported to a different world right in the middle of a giant robot fight. Not only that, it’s in the world of a famous anime currently airing in (his) Japan. During the fight, a “Military Uniformed Princess” instantly attacks him, but the veritable heroine of that anime jumps in to save him. In the blink of an eye, they are transported back to present day Japan. That’s right, this is an anime about anime coming to life! That’s as meta as you can get!  Now with popular anime and video game characters coming to life, Protagonist-man finds he’s caught in the middle of a war that defies all of his world’s logic, a logic that doesn’t involve magical girls crushing buildings.


The fight scenes were actually really well animated, just very sparse.

The fight scenes were actually really well animated, just very sparse.

The show generally has a really cool premise and it brings up a lot of things in anime we take for granted. The magical girl crushing buildings? That happens all the time in anime! What happens in real life when real buildings get destroyed? Real people die, really. So the show takes a very literal approach to logic vs. fiction. One of the main points of of the show is that the anime and game characters are extremely self-aware when they are introduced. They know they are creations of someone else’s design,  so they venture out to find their creators/writers, the gods of their world. It’s interesting to see how an anime character would react to someone making their world a living hell. You think someone like Guts from Berserk would be thankful to his writer for destroying his life and everyone he loved? My guess is that Miura would never want to meet the guy.

The REAL main character with his Stand/Persona! The only person to push the story forward at a decent pace in four episodes. And he was only there for five minutes!

The REAL main character with his Stand/Persona! The only person to push the story forward at a decent pace in four episodes. And he was only there for five minutes!

 The main problem with this show is it’s pacing, that is to say it’s boooooooooooriiiiiiiiiing! I had to give this show four full episodes to try and form an opinion but that fourth episode was a mistake as well. The show if visually pleasing, just absolutely amazing to look at, and the insert songs really help to ramp of the feelings of suspense during the fight scenes. It’s just too bad that there were only a grand total of two of those scenes. The entirety of episodes two and four were exposition, ONLY exposition. The smart girl ends up playing her own game and forms these random opinions that she might as well have pulled out of her ass, ideas that I have no clue how she formed, and everyone takes them as pure fact! And the worst part, those ended up all being true!

 This, to me personally, is basically just a self-insert fanfiction that involves the creator’s favorite genres. It’s a great idea, but the only one able to push the plot was the asshole Persona/Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure character who was there for about 5 minutes. The pacing, and my interest, is completely destroyed by how awful they shoehorn the exposition into the show. But, hey, the show is still fairly popular and maybe you’ll like it too. Give it two episode, maybe three if you’re unsure, and you’ll know where you land on that fence.




Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka Gaiden: Sword Oratoria

(Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Gaiden: Sword Oratoria)



Outlook: Is It Wrong to Make a Fun Anime Sequel This Boring? –

 The answer to that question is a resounding, “Yes”.

You'd think someone who doesn't trust her companions enough to protect her while casting would be tossed out, but we can't have that. Then there'd be no yuri!

You’d think someone who doesn’t trust her companions enough to protect her while casting would be tossed out, but we can’t have that. Then there’d be no yuri!

 If you’re followers of this line of reviews, which I’m fairly certain you aren’t, you’ll know that I actually enjoyed DanMachi when it first aired, barring the final episode. It was cute, fun, adventurous, all the things we want out of a fantasy anime. With the resounding success of the first season, we are now seeing new story, told from Aiz Wallenstein’s point of view. This story will run concurrent with the events of the first season.

 Well, I guess I can’t say Aiz is the main character, despite her being the post girl. Instead the anime decided to focus on another character. Our new MC is Lefiya, a young elf girl who learned magic just to join Aiz on her adventures. Though, “learning” and “using” are completely separate matters as Lefiya, as of the second episode, had yet to cast a single spell.

 There isn’t much I can say about this show other than I really, really don’t like it. At all. Lefiya is an awful character to focus on, especially when we already had the “weak and useless” MC last season with Bell and a repeat isn’t exactly something we need. Lefiya is the veritable cowardly hero who has “so much potential inside of them”! But, the angst they build of for the character can’t be described as anything other than annoying. Hell, she was proven damn useless to the show when another elf came in during a fight and filled the entire cave with FLAMING TORNADOES! Tell me, why do they need her again. . .?

Remember this scene!? This was one of Aiz' 3-4 speaking lines in the entire first episode!

Remember this scene!? This was one of Aiz’ 3-4 speaking lines in the entire first episode!

 I generally liked Aiz from the first season. She was strong, cool, and mysterious and it made her a strong character when paired with her social quirks. But, this season, she’s getting about as much screen time as she did the last and it’s generally just really frustrating. The forced yuri shipping doesn’t exactly help matters either. Here I thought we were going to explore the depths of Aiz’ inner thoughts in an attempt to see what makes her tick and to ground her more in reality to make her seem more human. Instead, we got a useless yuri-elf girl who can’t even trust her companions enough to cast a damn spell. And to boot, the anime is just boring. In all of two episodes, the only thing they’ve effectively accomplished is letting me know that Aiz is not the main character and Lefiya is useless.

 If you’re looking for something as fun as the first season, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Hell, if you want a good show to watch at all, you’re going to want to look in a completely different direction. This is one of those few shows that I feel like I wasted 50 minutes of my life on. I’m never getting those 50 minutes back, and I sorely regret that.





Ero-Manga Sensei



Outlook: My Little Sister Can’t Be This Similar –

This is how you get food kids! Throw temper tantrums!

This is how you get food kids! Throw temper tantrums!

  Brother and Sister through their parents’ marriage, Masamune and Sagiri had joined the same household at a young, tender age. Even though Masamune didn’t know her well, he was ecstatic to finally have a younger sibling. But, their happiness wouldn’t last long and their parents would pass away in an accident, leaving the two to fend for themselves. Masamune, taking the path of survival, took on the role as father, mother, and bread winner. Sagiri, however, became a recluse whose only form of communication was stomping on the floor to let her brother know she needed food. You know, like a petulant child.

Masamune began making money as an up-and-coming light novelist. Making a name for himself, he found that he needed an illustrator for his books. It was then that someone with the online monicker of “Ero-Manga Sensei” approached him, and their symbiosis began. And, Giga-Friends, can you imagine it!? It turns out that his artist his none other than Sagiri, his hikkikomori sister! Revealing herself as a harcore otaku, Sagiri and Masamune begin their open relationship as he tries to bring her back into civilized society while dealing with her overly nerdy tendencies.

So, feeding, clothing, and providing a roof doesn't cover "family". LOGIC!?

So, feeding, clothing, and providing a roof doesn’t cover “family”. LOGIC!?

 If this sounds a little bit like My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute, that’s because it is. It might be because it was written by the same person, it might be because it’s the same thing. Big brother who is pretty normal and his little sister who is a huge nerd. Referencing back to my outlook, My Little Sister Can’t Be This Similar, but she certainly is.

 There generally isn’t much to say about this anime because it’s already been seen, particularly in its first iteration. Maybe the writer is a one-trick pony and this is all he’s good at, not to sound like a complete ass. The show wasn’t exactly funny, nor was it terribly interesting. But, the show was cute and cute things are always popular. I couldn’t find much to like about the show, especially since I’ve basically already seen it, but if you’re a huge fan of his first series, you’ll probably going to like this as well. Anyone looking for a something interesting, maybe with a little of that familial touch, and dealing with emotional trauma might want to look towards something else.

 No hate for the man who likes this show, it’s just not my taste.




Clockwork Planet



Outlook: No –



Frame Arms Girls


Outlook: Marketing Ploys Gone Wild Wrong –  



  Anyone who is a fan of the mecha genre, that is, anyone who would even be remotely interested in this anime, probably remembers the show Gundam Build Fighters (GBF) that aired way back in 2013. A show about kids building Gundam models, making them fight, and talking about the actual Gundam anime. It was an obvious marketing ploy by Gundam to rake in sales for their plastic models. It is a marketing ploy that worked.

Frame Arms Girls, something I won’t bother making an acronym for, is something in a similar vein. This time, however, it is about cute miniature robo-girls wearing striped panties fighting in imaginary arenas because reasons. The striped panties part is important, apparently.  Our heroine, Ao, is sent a mysterious package that housed a small plastic model of a girl that was part robot, part human. When Ao begins to put the doll together, it actually begins speaking to her like a person. Ao is then informed that her name is Gourai and she is meant to battle other robo-girls like herself to grow . . . and make money.

Apparently, the stripes are important.

Apparently, the stripes are important.

 Now, past the points where the show is ridiculously boring, insultingly obvious with its fanservice, and a bold-faced attempt at marketing, the show just doesn’t work. The reason something like GBF worked is because the characters had depth and emotion. Sei was in love with Gundam and his love for the show and building models really made it hard not to share that joy with him. Aside from that, the animation was absolutely spectacular using new styles animation and showing damage to mobile suits we’d yet to experience in the world of Gundam. The whole thing worked as a cohesive whole, despite being an obvious grab at Gunpla sales.

 Frame Arms is a hackneyed attempt by Kotobukiya, a company from which I regularly purchase models from, to make an anime to make money on a less popular franchise. The show is not only boring, but it takes model building to extreme lows and attempts to insult the watcher’s intelligence by doing so. If you want something cute to watch, there are plenty of better things to watch this season. If you’re looking for something where people fight models, I can’t recommend season one of GBF enough (and ONLY season one). Skip this, and you’ll be glad you did. I already wasted my life watching one episode for you. I just want to save you the same agony. But, again, it’s cute so it’ll probably still be popular.





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