Btooom! Anime Review

Btooom! Anime Review

WARNING: The anime “Btooom!” has been marked as mature and is suited only for viewers 18 years of age and older. The following anime contains elements of a mature nature, including, but not limited to, excessive violence, graphic depictions of gore, and partial or full nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.


Btooom! is a new anime series to come out this year from Madhouse. It started airing on October 4th and licenced to North America by Sentai Filmworks, who will be distributing it on dvd in 2013. The opening theme song is “No pain, No Game” by Nano and the closing theme song is “Aozora” by May’n. There is also a manga series already out and has some very mature content in it as well.

The story of the anime is about an unemployed gamer named Ryota who lives with his mother. In real life he feels like he’s nothing special, but in the game world of Btooom, he is one of the world’s top players. He wakes up one day and finds he is transported to an island full of people who seem to be playing a real life version of the game. He has no memory of how he got there or why and has to figure out how to survive long enough to get some answers.

Right now there are only five episodes out so I can’t say I love the series but from what I have seen so far, I hope it stays in the direction it’s going. There is a lot of violence in it so it may be a bit too much for any squeamish anime fans. Though with the overall plot of living a real life video game scenario, I can understand why there was such violence sprinkled about. I’d say it’s similar to “Battle Royal” so any fans of that will enjoy the series. Both the opening and closing songs were awesome and went very well with the feel of the anime. I think I have become a Nano fan because I can’t get that song out of my head! Check out the trailer below.

Btooom! Trailer

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David Thomson
5 years 5 months ago

I actually did check out the first episode of this one, but was immediately turned off by the way the story was presented. While parts of the mystery behind how and why this “live game” was enacted in the first place did seem interesting, the writing just felt a little off to me. I took particular issue with the fact that they treat the male lead as some sort of Btoom savant, and a brilliant tactician to boot, yet it takes him a good twenty minutes of the first episode to put together that timer + bomb = time bomb. I can understand his initial refusal to accept that he was locked in a battle to the death using explosives, but there’s a fine line between denial and a learning disability, and this guy veered hard towards the latter.

Another place this came up was in his supposedly brilliant strategy to defeat the first psychopath he ran into, which basically amounted to “leave time bomb ticking down and hope the guy stands still for it”. I’m not even top tier at first person shooters, but even I got the point that I could time my grenades to explode as they passed by or dropped on my enemies. The show really needed that kind of expression of skill or a more elaborate trap to justify it’s Death Note-esque “just as planned” sequence that marked that fight’s finale.

Now, this is just the first episode. For all I know it drastically improved from there, but in all honesty I have trouble giving it the benefit of the doubt. If it hasn’t sold you after five episodes, and it fell far below my expectations in one, I have a hard time thinking of a reason to recommend it to anyone given the wealth of other excellent shows airing this season.